Code No. Application

Pigment: Silver

Membrane touch key boards and switches.

Fabricating low voltage circuitry on flexible substrates.

As end termination for flexible PTF-Resistor inks.

In screen printing PCB's circuits for jumpers light sensitive resistors. Push Button telephone, intercoms, etc.

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

Conductor for EL lamps.

Bio Sensors (Blood  Glucose Sensors)

Pigment: Silver

 Amorphous silicon solar cells.

Anechoic Chamber for testing missiles, RPV'S (remotely piloted Vehicles) and other military equipment.

EMI/RFI  Shielding/EMC/ESD

High energy batteries (for submarines).

Thin Films in scientific research.

micro wave components and devices.

PCB repairs.

Imparting  Conductivity to the surfaces of Plastic Masters which are used for Electro forming, making Prototype  PCB's. Filling Air-gaps in the telemetry Antennas. Improving the Grounding/Earthing of VHF/UHF-housings. Decreasing Contact

Resistance in Electro-chemical industries  and other high voltage applications, Antistatic Coatings, the manufacture of Artifical  teeth or Dental Materials, it may also be used  for re-using the variable  Pots and other Electronic component without removing them from the Circuits, testing  electrical properties  of insulating, semi conducting, and super conducting materials, For mapping  Electromagnetic Fields on semi conducting  papers. It may also be used to coat on worn out gold plated connector pins to increase  their  diameter and thus  make better electrical contact, It is also used in the preparation of Teflon electrodes used in Electro-retinogram/Electro-occulogram  for  the  Eye-surgery, 2666 is specially suitable for application in Bus-bar Contacts in reducing the voltage drop, there by helps to reduce the consumption coats of electrical Energy.

0120 C/ 0122 C
Pigment: Silver

    Bond metal panes and seal the joints between them in Anechoic Chambers.

    Repair PCB's and to rework the copper tracks and solder pads.

    Mount SMD components on PCB's and microcircuits.

    Fill the gaps between the FRP-panels and metal parts for EMI/EMC Shielding in defence shelters.

    Bond conductive silicone rubber to aluminium for EMI/EMC Shielding.

    Join /bond different components and fill the gaps in aluminium parts used in microwave equipment.

    High Energy Batteries ( for submarines)

2222- MC
Pigment: Silver

Mica capacitors

2666 SM
8128 SMG
Pigment: Silver

Mounting of samples in SEM, S.E.M

7335  T
Pigment: Silver

Pigment: Glass
    Dielectrics (glass encapsulant) greeen

010 A (10:90)
010 B (50:50)
Pigment: Silver - Silver Chloride

Bio Medical Electrodes in ECG & Blood Glucose Sensors

5332 OB 
Pigment: Silver

Inner Layers and Top Layer conductor in multi layer interconnect Hybrids.  Gold wire bond able conductor in high density micro circuits.

0221 GS
Pigment: Silver

Reduce the RFI noise, Prevented from sticking due to corrosion or arcing in switches. Circuit Braker and knife blade switches in reducing localised  over heating or hot spots, in preventing freeze up in operating equipments.

060  G
Pigment: Graphite

in Bio-Sensors Membrane Key pads, Low cost heaters

2666 -45 %
2666 -60 %
Pigment: Silver

Tantalum capacitors.
Pigment: Silver
Carbon Track Potentiometers and Presets

0885       (Platinum)
0885 UF (platinum)

Gas & Oxygen Sensors, Solid Electrolytic Fuel Cells

2222 MB
Pigment: Silver

Resistor  Networks. Thick Film Hybrid Micro Circuit. Bushing  capacitors, Cermet  Preset Potentiometers
2222 A  Pd:Ag

2222 B  Pd:Ag

Pigment: GOLD

Resistor  Networks. Thick Film Hybrid Micro Circuit.
Pigment: Silver-Palladium

Pigment: Graphite

RF & EMI/EMC Shielding, PCB Repairs

2666 G
Pigment: Gold

Gold  Plated Connectors

7331  S 
Pigment: Silver

Front  electrodes on N-type of silicon surface in  the manufacture of silicon solar cells.

- Bushing capacitor.
- Opto electronic devices.
- Quartz crystals and piezo electric devices.

7331/ 7331 A/ 7331 P/ 7335 T/ 7335 A/ 7335 RT

Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Measurement of Electrical properties of insulating, semi conducting  and super conducting materials/ Thin film in scientific research. Heated Glass windows (for Automobiles)

SILVER: 2666  paints/ 2666 C paints/ 0120 B
GOLD: 2666 G/ 0120 BG Epoxy/ 0245 pure Au
PLATINUM: 0888/ 0888 UF/ 0888 OB

Measurement of Electrical properties of insulating, semi conducting  and super conducting materials/ Thin film in scientific research. Heated Glass windows
(for Automobiles)
2666/ 2666 P

PCB  Repairs.

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