Membrane Keyboard
Our company is highly esteemed manufacturer and supplier of the aristocratic quality of Membrane Keyboards, Membrane Switch Keyboards, Tactile Membrane Keyboards and Flexible Membrane Keyboards. These Keyboards are manufactured by applying fine quality of raw materials and modern machine to ensure the quality of products and customers satisfaction.

Tactile Membrane Keyboards

Siltech Corporation Inc manufactures and supplies Tactile Membrane Keyboard that consists of conductive silver circuit printed on polyester sheet with metal domes. When pressed the domes to make the contact with the silver track. The metal domes are available in variety of shape and size.

Design Considerations

Design freedom begins when the integrate membrane switches into your product. Because no single configuration can always meet your requirements, we will tailor your membrane switch and graphic overlay to fit the application and your specifications.

  • Materials Used: Polyester and Polycarbonates
  • Thickness: .007" to .010"
  • Additional Options: Blended Materials and UV Hardcore Surfaces
  • Embossing of the keypads for key location can be achieved by full keypad embossment or rim embossment.
  • Windows: Transparent and dead front display windows for viewing LCD and LED displays.
  • Termination: Tail termination is accomplished by snap fit connectors, solder tabs, or exposed silver tabs (.100" centers typical).
  • Tactile Feedback: Stainless steel domes range from 8-12mm. Poly domes are embossed onto a polyester layer or circuitry.
  • Shielding: Shielding from EMI/RFI can be accomplished by a layer of metalized polyester or by screening a layer of selective graphite ink.
  • Panel Cutouts: Die cut holes and access for mechanical switches may be incorporated into membrane switch designs.
  • Environmental Design: Applications subject to various degrees of moisture or high humidity are engineered and constructed accordingly.
  • Graphic Design and Engineering Assistance: Full service art and engineering departments are ready to provide complete or partial assistance in the aesthetic design of graphic overlays and the engineering of correct switch construction for your application.

Non -Tactile Membrane Keyboards

Siltech Corporation Inc one of the most famous manufacturers and suppliers of Non -Tactile Membrane Keyboards consist of top polyester layers printed with Conductive Silver Inks.

  • The bottom layer is printed with conductive silver circuits.
  • When pressed the top layer to make a contact with the bottom layer polyester sheet.
  • In this case, actuation force can be designed from 100 gms to 350 gms.

Flexible PCB based membrane keyboard

Siltech manufacture and supplies tactile or non tactile keypads that consista of flexible PCB (single sided, double sided) with metal domes for tactile keypad, or silver Inks printed dots on overlay for non-tactile keypads

PCB based Membrane Keyboards

Siltech Corporation Inc is well-known company who manufactures and supplies illustrious quality of PCB Based Membrane Keyboards, which consist of a glass epoxy Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a metal domes mounted on it. When pressed the metal domes to make the contact with the PCB. In the case, we can provide the mounting holes with the studs.

We, Siltech Corporation Inc are one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of unbeatable quality of Membrane Keypads, Custom Keypads, Numerical keypads, Hybrid Switch Assemblies & Custom Membrane Keypads India. Being a highly experience in the design and production of highly customized Membrane Keypads and Membrane Switches, we will work with clients to define their requirements, guide them through all available options and processes to pro-actively design both quality and reliability into our product. Our skilled production facility and quality assurance staff will ensure the continued integrity of your product. Siltech also provides ESD, RFI and EMI shielding, 100% testing, hybrid PC boards/ switches, modular/ edge/ pin connectors and corel design.

Our membrane switches construction can include:

  • Selective Textured Coatings
  • Racetrack/ pillow/ custom embossing
  • Tactile "click" Buttons
  • Inserted Custom Lenses
  • Housings
  • Metal Backers
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Embedded Component Technologies such as LED's and stainless steel domes and elastomeric keypads.
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